Security and Threats in the DNS.

Venerdì 26 febbraio 2021 dalle ore 15.00 alle ore 17.00

  Security and Threats in the DNS.

Description: The DNS is the big unknown. While most people only think of websites and email when they hear about the DNS or about domain names, attackers in general have been learning for years how to exploit the technical protocol, the infrastructure on which the entire system works, and the domain registration services that are used to create and manage domain names. The presentation will cover how the DNS works from the perspectives of the technical resolution of the names, as well as the creation and lifetime of a domain name, to go into details about threats, vulnerabilities, and abuse detection and reporting.

Relatore del webinar sarà Carlos Alvarez

Director of Security, Stability and Resiliency Engagement

SSR Team | Office of the CTO | ICANN


Il webinar sarà tenuto in lingua inglese.


Carlos’s work is currently focused on helping the Internet community address abuse of Domain Name System resources, by: –Providing subject matter expertise on contractual and policy matters with potential anti-abuse and consumer protection implications. — Trust-based collaboration with worldwide cyber law enforcement and the operational security community. — Capability building, via training law enforcement and other constituents involved in the operation or the security of the Internet identifiers. He served in the past in ICANN’s Contractual Compliance Team where he managed the team responsible for processing all registrar-related complaints worldwide. Prior to joining ICANN, Carlos participated in the International Attorneys Program at Holland & Knight in Miami and served as the head of the Legal & Business Affairs Division at Sony Music for Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru.. He taught computer law, legal aspects of information security and intellectual property in two universities in Bogota and has lectured before many different audiences in the Americas, Europe and Asia, from students to c-level executives, as well as government representatives, regulators, law enforcement, and military and intelligence personnel. He maintains working relationships with law enforcement cyber units from different countries and while still living in Bogota was a member of the local Electronic Commerce Subcommittee of the International Chamber of Commerce. Carlos is an attorney graduated from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota. He holds a Master of Laws